About Captain LeRoy Bennett

Captain LeRoy Bennett

Professional Fishing Charter Boat Captain

Captain LeRoy Bennett is a born fisherman from Delaware. Having had a wonderful Grandfather that had a home in Maryland near Red Point and fishing the Susquhanna flats resulted in him catching "the bug" at a very young age!

A dedicated Husband of nearly 20 years, Father to 3 girls and a Grandfather to 5. There's very little that he doesn't love, appreciate and long to share with all about the great outdoors.

He has been called the "Fish Whisperer". Using experience, knowledge and patience all the while always open to learning new ideas and techniques.

His favorite fishing trip is "Fish Till You Drop", which many have experienced and can atest to.

A drywaller and carpenter by trade, 10 years ago he made the decision to pursue his dream. He moved back to Florida and become a full-time fishing charter boat captain.

Honest, hard working, dedicated, ethical and has never met a stranger.

For Captain LeRoy, fishing is not only a business, it's a passion - one that is best shared with others.

Book a charter today and you'll not only catch fish till your heart's content, you'll have an experence that will not soon be forgotten!

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